• Leaderboard Rank Issue

  • Request Review Rank Template Email

  • Proposal Handling Process

Leaderboard Disable

If you have an account that is considered to take advantage of some errors to unfairly get higher rankings on the leaderboard, your account will experience the following symptoms:

? Your ranking on the Gunfire Hero Leaderboard will be temporarily hidden. Your personal ranking will be Rank 99999 

? Your achievement during the season 1 is still kept the same

? You are temporarily disabled from withdrawal activities

At this stage, your account is having a "Leaderboard Disable" status

Request Review Rank Template Email

To resolve the status above, you must prove that you have played fairly with other players. 

From the time you receive the Leaderboard Disable message in your game, you must play and pass more than 1 floor from your current floor. For example, floor 29/Room 5, must reach floor 30/Room 20. 

This entire playing process must be recorded and submitted to the Step Hero Multiverse team via the email: following the below template. This email must be submitted to the Step Hero Multiverse team with the following deadline:

Deadline for Leaderboard Review for Season 1: 0:00 UTC April 22, 2022

:StepHero: Email template:


 Subject: [Your email] - Video record Endless Mode Season 1 

- Your email 

- Your wallet address 

- Your link to the video(s)

Proposal handling process

  1. Once we have received your video(s) above, your Leaderboard ranking will be restored if we are able to conclude that you have not been involved in any cheating activity. Your withdrawal features will also be reactivated after 7 days from the date of being disabled 
  2. After 3-5 days, we will combine this video(s) with the data generated to respond to you via the email:

We always work to retain the balance and the fairness of the Gunfire Hero economy.  The actions above are only for the purpose of protecting the right of all players. 

? Thank you for your cooperation!