Hero List

  • The Hero list section in your home screen represent the list of Hero NFTs you deposited in to Step Hero RPG. You can choose these Heroes to form a squad to play in both Adventure and Arena mode later

Hero Skills

  • Each hero has 1 active skill and 3 passive skills. To maximize your winning possibility, try to form a line-up based on either element and skill
  • Heroes with higher rarity levels will have higher based stats and per level increase stats. There are 6 levels of rarity in total. They are (from low to high) Common > Uncommon > Rare > Super Rare > Legendary > Mythical. A Hero’s rarity will remain unchanged throughout the game

Hero Tactical Squad

  • Before entering combat, players will have to set up their formation in a 3x3 square (9 slots) by dragging the heroes from the top scrollbar into their desired slot
  • Start assigning your line-up: A line-up must comprise three-five different heroes. Upon finishing setting up, players can choose “Ready” to start the match
    Here are the tips for beginners: You should choose heroes of different elements to maximize your winning chance. Then, when you level up and gain experience, you can design your line-up based on your styles and approach