Answer 1: Check your transaction hash on to see if the transaction has had a success status. If the status is success, please wait for 10 minutes for the NFTs to appear in the game

Answer 2: Check if the deposited NFTs have appeared in the [Withdraw] tab next to the [Deposit] tab. If your NFTs have appeared in the [Withdraw] tab, you have successfully deposited your NFTs and you will be able to see them in the game after 10 minutes

Answer 3: You will need to re-login to be able to see your deposited NFTs. Please re-login after any deposit transaction to see your deposited NFTs

Answer 4: Click on the button "SYNC" in the game and see if your NFTs appear

Answer 5: If you have completed 4 actions above but your NFTs still not appear either in the game or the [Withdraw] tab, please submit a ticket: and wait for our developers to check the error

If the transaction hash on shows that your transaction is successful, but you are not able to see it in your in-game Inventory, it might be because of a synchronization issue between the game server and the blockchain. Please rest assured that your deposited NFTs are still stored on our database and we will do the synchronization manually to fix this error