Answer 1: Withdrawal requests can only be made every exactly 7 days (168:00:00 hours). If the timestamp between 2 withdrawal requests is not exactly 7 days, the transaction will fail but gas fee will still be deducted from your wallet

Answer 2: If your withdrawal transaction has a pending status, you can retry after the withdrawal event is closed and your transitions will still be processed. However, it takes exactly another 7 days (168:00:00 hours) before you can execute another withdrawal transaction. Your next withdrawal transaction must be executed on our withdrawal event date as announced on Step Hero Announcement channel

Answer 3: Check your transaction hash on to see if the transaction has had a [success] status. If the status is success, please wait for 10 minutes for the $STEP tokens to appear on your wallet

If you have completed the action above but your $STEP tokens still not appear in your wallet, please submit a ticket: and wait for our developers to check the error