Gunfire Hero Version 1.35 Release

Gunfire Hero v.35: A super grand prize pool for the top 60 players, a new talent level, a reward ratio adjustment, and a long list of bug fixes await you in this latest version!

New features:

  • Talent: Unlock/Adjust unlimited talent level up.
  • Remaining Update in Map Campaigns: Adjusted each map to have its own drop rate based on each user's remaining plays.
  • Endless Mode Update and Bonus System
    • Endless Mode's play fee increases gradually after every 5 plays

    • Endless Mode Reward Pool 75,000 $HERO and unlimited $STEP pool. The $STEP rewards is calculated based on the number of players that join the Endless Tower

Bug Fixes:

  • Stamina bug fixed

  • Weekly Event bug fixed

  • Update loadout, talent bug fixed

  • Display, congested platform bug fixed

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