Step Hero Version 1.1 Release

Release date: 

  • Step Hero Version 1.1 - March 5, 2022

Maintenance period: 

  • 7:00 UTC March 5, 2022 - 14:00 UTC March 5, 2022

New Features: Introduce Arena Season 1 (PvP mode)

  • Rewards: 225,000 $HERO tokens
  • Playing mechanism:
    • The Step Hero PvP is a seasonal arena between players and players
    • Each user is granted 1100 Elo points when starting to join the Arena. If the player wins, Elo and $STEP will be added, if lost, Elo points will be deducted. Elo is the basis for calculating rank in the leaderboard
    • Playing turn: The player has 10 turns per day
    • PvP battle is conducted by random pairing from the system
  • Season duration:
    • A season lasts for 3 weeks
    • There is a 1-to-3-day break period after 1 season
    • The Elo point will be reset before the next season
  • Reward structure: Rewards are given to the top 100 players

Bug Fix:

  • Differentiate between SKILL of Hero in combat & Detail Hero
  • Show hidden STATs in-game
  • Fix display error: only display 10 items in-game
  • Fix login issue

Playable device: 

  • PC & desktop devices
  • Mobile version will be released soon

Gameplay link:

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